Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WIP - Hinsdale Autumn Bag

Since I don't have any current finished projects to show, I thought I would blog about what I am working on. The projects on this blog are of my own design, and many are available for purchase. If you want to see my other projects (socks, sweaters, etc.) then check out my Ravelry page (I'm DebKnits on Ravelry).

This WIP is a medium-sized bag with patterning based on some Komi designs. It will be lightly fulled when finished. I call it Hinsdale Autumn, because Hinsdale is the name of one of the towns we drove through when I was in the early stages of knitting it and the gold and rust colors make me think of autumn. I hope to have it up on Etsy by the beginning of 2010.

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