Friday, June 11, 2010

Renewing and re-doing

Not many new items have been listed lately in my shop! I've been experimenting a little lately, also things have been crazy busy at home as the school year winds down.

I have been renewing items and re-doing photos and listings. I'm trying to have the featured photos concentrate a little more on the colorwork of my pieces since that is what makes them unique. I hoping my shop will look a little more colorful and dynamic, and therefore, visually appealing.

So far I have redone Carlisle, Springvale, Springfield and one of the bookmarks. I'm trying to do one a day, but probably not on the weekend since I usually don't get many views then anyways! The changes seem to have led to an increase in views - let's see if that translates into any sales.

I'd appreciate any opinions if anyone has any!!

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