Friday, July 9, 2010

Catching Up!

Things have been busy here, with the school year ending (and now the kids are out of school) and going away for a while, I've really fallen behind on posting! I've been redoing listings in my Etsy shop - only have done about half so far. I finally have a few new things to add as well.

The first is this cuff bracelet:

I've been hugely inspired by Native American peyote beaded bracelets. I would love to take up bead weaving, but I don't think I need another hobby right now! So I decided to create the feel
of the beaded cuffs using tiny needles and very thin mercerized cotton. I made one for myself, too. I love it - and I hope that other people will like them as well...I've got a bunch of different designs for them that I want to try! The listing for this cuff is here:
I've got a few more items almost ready to post....just need to get to all the finishing work!

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