Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Okay, I'm Back!!

Oh my goodness...I can't believe it has been October since I have updated this blog!
I have been really good about keeping up with  my art blog....not so much here unfortunately. I am going to try my best to at least post new items here and a little about their inspiration. I'm not even going to try to catch up from the last few months!

Anyways, my latest is a pair of fingerless gloves. I am having a lot of fun knitting fingerless gloves with colorwork - a relatively quick knit and only a little fussy with the thumbs. I just listed these Royal Purple ones:

They are available here.

I think the design came from some Latvian mittens. I have been looking through my books lately and then came up with this idea, so I suspect it was sparked by something I saw in one of my Latvian mitten books. I love the richness of the colors - this is a gorgeous purple. And they are knitted in Elann's Peruvian Highland wool which is nice and soft. I hope they find a good home!

On the needles: more fingerless mitts. I am also finishing up a gorgeous scarf in a brick red color. I will be casting on a hat and cowl to work on this weekend while the kids are skiing.


  1. These are gorgeous!! I've finally gotten back to knitting again after letting a few projects lay for months & months....I'd love to find a pattern for these fingerless mitts like these (great for painting). I always find browsing through yarn stores as exciting as going to the art supply store!! :-) Keep up the beautiful work!

  2. Thanks so much, Roxanne! Nad thanks for visiting my blog.
    Knitting is what I do when I can't paint (like when I am riding in the car, waiting in line for the kids, etc.). It keeps my hands busy and feeds my need for color. Not to mention my fiber addiction.....